Why “attempting” 30?

26 May

Because I cannot be the only one who is trapped between the contradiction of being completely elated and incredibly afraid of being 30. Should I just keep telling everyone that I am 27 (because there isn’t anything specifically associated with or expected from a woman at that age).

A Tempting 30 because hell, I was exhausted from the teen angst years and definitely growing tired of the twenties and everyone said that 30 was supposed to be so much better. I was to uncover a deeper level of self-confidence and run head first into this decade of celebration. The idea was seductive, intriguing, and down right tempting. However for the past ten months of being 30, I find that the emotions are quite the opposite. Most days I’d rather run screaming from 30 as opposed to embracing it.

We’ll see what this journey holds. Thanks in advance for your eyes, ears, and comments as I deconstruct all that is supposedly 30 and reveal all that really is 30…


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