Hello 31!

16 Jul

So 31 came and slapped me in the face. Simply, because it came so fast. Oddly enough though it hasn’t turned out to be as bad as I thought it would. I feel more confident in the midst of the fluxes of life and the girl at Macy’s yesterday guessed that I was turning 23, so clearly things must be working out in my favor.

As all of the love poured in today via various forms of electronic communication, I realized that I am surrounded by those who do see the things in me that at times I cannot even see in myself. I realized that I must have done something right in life in order to get such gracious sentiments on my birthday.

Over the past few months I have questioned so many things about myself and my character. Am I really as kind as I would like to believe? Am I as driven? What about my work ethic and desire to be a team player? Am I as good a friend as my friends are to me? Do I even have friends? What about my beauty (hell I haven’t had great sleep since I don’t know when). I realized today that I am all a woman of many facets, interests, and layers. I am kind and driven and a great friend. I may be going through changes, but that does not come at the sacrifice of my character-who I truly am when you strip away all of the material/superficial artifacts of life. I thank all of my friends and family close and in separation (both literally and figuratively) for reminding me of such. Changes happen and it is how I react to those changes that are truly indicative of the woman I claim to be. I can embark on my entrance into the 31st year of my life by stating that I am where I am, but I am not where I am going to be. I am confident in my ability to transcend obstacles and even surprise myself in what I can accomplish and the dreams that I can manifest and go beyond but I am also bracing myself for the bumps in the road.


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