Sweat it Out

3 Oct
Woman in a rowing boat

Image by National Media Museum via Flickr

As a black woman, how many times have I heard that the reason why black woman don’t exercise is because they don’t want to sweat their hair out. First of all, to all that believe that statement, shame on you for falling victim to the ever-present stereotype. For those women who actually choose to sacrifice health and a fly body for your hair, do you know how ridiculous that is!?

Hair is a superficial thing that we have given entirely too much influence over our lives. Yes, it is a crown. But only such. And shouldn’t keep you from protecting that which actually gives you life (your heart), or the sensation of adoration that you feel for your hair (your brain). Exercise is essential to the health of your overall body which includes the hair. We all want to look good, but having a fly hair style and a fat ass (not in a good way) or better yet, high blood pressure is projecting a false reality that you are actually fly. Being fly, hot, or whatever term you use to describe your flawless style is all-encompassing and should be a reflection of what you are inside as well as what you are on the outside.

Ladies: IT’S JUST HAIR! I would rather a world of beautiful healthy people and let’s face it, if you drop dead due to health issues associated with inactivity, no one will appreciate your hair anyway! So, lets work to erase that notion and sweat it out.



One Response to “Sweat it Out”

  1. shalewaalli May 16, 2011 at 9:54 am #

    yeah you are so right on this.

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