“Weekend Love”

19 Apr

Dear Weekend Love,

While our time spent together has been brief, mutual interests have been many. Although we are both dealing with scarred hearts and apprehension, just know that I wouldn’t give my time and attention if I didn’t want to. I enjoy your taste, ability to enjoy life, titillating connections and waking up to you, but realize that it is hard to deal with the miles between us. I find myself wondering if you find your weekends as enjoyable as I do and if at times you want the moments to never cease, but since you rarely call I am left with a heart of questions and very few answers. I acknowledge that absence does make the heart grow fonder but that often arises after spending time developing a deeper level of affection. You could change all that. If you really wanted to. I want you to know that you can choose the type of man who you want to be and the reputation that you leave behind. Reliability and the ability to be candid are more valuable than finesse and charm. You don’t have to settle for simply being a weekend lover out of fear that asking for or expecting more may open you up to hurt. Some of the greatest pain ever experienced reaped even greater benefits. 

With a Loving Heart, 

Lovelorn Lady 



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