Alpha Male

6 May

Dear Alpha Male,

While I do respect and admire your drive toward your personal goals in the pursuit of accomplishment, I wonder if you will ever realize that your attitude is inhibiting your social growth. I acknowledge your hunter instinct, but in all your roaring and biting that you exhibit as you tear into the hearts of woman-kind, I hope you realize that what you are in fact demonstrating, is the complete opposite of what you are attempting to convey.

A man is one who has matured beyond boyhood. He can effectively communicate his emotions while striving for success and looks to embrace all that manhood entails which does include relationships. When you are quick to temper, you are showing that you have not mastered your emotions and are therefore led by them instead of being in control. That is not the sign of a man. A man also takes accountability for his choices and does not blame them on some other source. To say you have no desire to do something, or no interest is so much stronger than blaming your choice on the busyness of your schedule or interfering obligations. So I challenge you Alpha Male, is it to be a man that you seek, or simply male? The answer to that lies within your words, choices and actions; it is not a birth rite.



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