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Challenge Yourself to Love Without Boundaries

13 Jun

I have gay friends and family whom I adore and not because they make great shopping buddies or love to gossip, that’s superficial. I adore them because they are great people and my love for them overcomes temptations of judgment.

Our obsession with labels often interferes with our purpose in life which is to love others and be the manifestations of that love even when people are trying their damnedest to convince us of otherwise. Who a person chooses to love shouldn’t determine your ability to love them. What if someone chose to love you based on one dimension of yourself? Depending on the dimension they chose, you could stand the risk of being loved less, or worse, not loved at all.

Embrace the challenge of casting aside preconceived ideas of a person based on a label and all assumptions pertaining to and choose to love them because they are people and everyone deserves respect and love. If you ever find the challenge hard, project yourself into their place.