17 Jun
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Today my parents have been married for 33 years! I have no idea how they do it in a world and time where so few others reach such a milestone. I question daily if I am even able, let alone willing to achieve the same marital success. Even further I wonder if my generation and younger are even equipped.
Our parents have done an excellent job of raising us to be driven and successful individuals, but that’s just it, individuals, not focused on our lives joining with someone else’s. There is an element of sacrifice associated with marriage and although the benefits may outweigh the costs, our generation is composed of selfish over-achievers who are in many ways obsessed with “doing me” to the point that the concept of “us and we” doesn’t even cross our minds.
Sure we may want to walk down the aisle and celebrate by doing the “Cupid Shuffle” at the reception, but a marriage is so much more than that.
So I ask: do we as a generation truly value marriage enough to adapt our culture of me, to a culture of we?


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