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“You’ve Got A Friend”

29 Jun

Thank God for friends! They’re the family you can choose, and since I had no involvement in the family I was “blessed” with, I am forever grateful for the angels that exist in the form of my friends.

My friends remind me of who I am when the world is telling me who I am not. Instead of questioning my audacity to try something new, they encourage me to take a leap. Instead of trying to fit me into a tiny box, they accept me as I come (at times with so much baggage that they can’t even begin to attempt to fit me into any confined space, for they’d be suffocated along with me). They are honest with me and transparent, and exercise care in their chastising of me all while providing me with the safe space to return the favor. To be able to proclaim that I am surrounded with loving and supportive women and men is a luxury that I do not take for granted, for I am  aware that not everyone is able to say the same in the age of haters, debaters, and instigators. But for those who are struggling to find a support system and are tired of feeling alone in a world of billions, I suggest creating your friendship circle, they really come in handy. But do not forget one of the golden rules: To have a friend, you have to be one. You should hope that you can reciprocate the good deed so that someone can say all these great things about you one day.