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In Love with a Greek…

9 Aug

So I tend to err on the side of heavy/cynical in my posts, but here is a light one for you, but on a topic very close to my heart.

Healthy Living…yeah I’m sure you’re already thinking, here we go again but this isn’t a push for a fad diet or exercise craze of any kind. Just a few helpful hints for all those that are looking for the secret…

Over the past few weeks (well since I turned 32 actually), I have been having an affair… on my YOGURT! I was a loyal Yoplait eater pretty much all of my life, rarely even branching out into other flavors, let alone brands. But I had been reading about the greek yogurt craze and decided to give it a whirl (I mean, I will try almost anything once). And I fell in love. My standard Peach Harvest Yoplait has been replaced by Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt. The immediate benefits: it’s not too sweet and more filling. But it also has tons of protein and healthy bacteria that your body needs. It’s a great way to get more of what you need and less of what you don’t in a healthy way.

Here are some other strategies, which (along with exercise) I’ve implemented that helped me lose (the 20+) pounds in 2005 which I have virtually kept off since. And yes, I do eat, regularly, and good stuff too! 🙂

  1. Always eat breakfast
  2. Become a snacker (eat often, never let yourself get hungry)
  3. Don’t keep temptations in the house, reserve them for special treats you actually have to go and get (i.e. soda, ice cream etc. )
  4. Eat what you like, but in moderation (I still eat pizza).
  5. Educate yourself about what you are consuming (what is an actual serving size and what’s in it)
  6. Drink lots of water and get lots of sleep (you’d be surprised what your body can do on its own)
  7. Fiber is key (it helps you feel full, find it in hidden treats like waffles and fruit bars)
  8. Water down all sugary drinks-juice included (people make fun of me, but after a while you can’t tell)
  9. Start with a small portion, then go back for seconds.
  10. Carbs are your friend, if you choose the right ones.

Good luck and happy health journey! Any specific questions, feel free to post.