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Let Me Out

19 Aug

I may live in the suburbs, doesn’t mean I’m blind to the plight of others.

I’m a woman, doesn’t mean I blame my attitude on PMS.

I’m beautiful, but it doesn’t mean that I am shallow, and just because I straighten my hair doesn’t mean I’m not proud to be Black.

I’m intelligent, but that doesn’t mean that I think I know everything.

I’ve made poor choices, but that doesn’t mean I am lost.

I know which fork to use and when as well as where to place it when I am done, but that doesn’t make me bourgeois.

I speak my mind, doesn’t mean I’m not open to other perspectives.

I’m a romantic, but that doesn’t make me hopeless.

I’m a Christian, but not damning others to hell.

I love fashion, but not thriving off materialism.

I appreciate my body, doesn’t mean I’m obsessed with my image.

I’m liberated and liberal, but that doesn’t make me a freak.

I love hip hop and tattoos, but that doesn’t take away from my refinement nor make me rebellious.

I defy labels because they’re unnecessary in getting to the core of me. They won’t aid in the understanding of my behavior, my thoughts, or the woman I am. Labels limit me and I’m not one for impediments on my growth. I’m determined to prosper until my last breath and I’ll be damned if I let man put a finite cap on who I can become.