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“Theme Song”

20 Aug

Do you have your own theme song? You should…

I’ve found that I am my most effective motivator. Sometimes though, I need a little help. That’s where the theme song comes in. It’s the anthem that gets you going; whatever helps generate the mood you need to accomplish the goal you desire, even if it is as simple as getting off the couch and going to the gym (which is actually not as simple as it seems). Maybe you need a little reminder of how confident, fierce and sexy you are. Maybe you need a little push so that you can champion your own cause for the moment. Creating a soundtrack is a fun way to get yourself pumped. It can evoke whatever mood you desire, but the up tempo ones tend to rev you up in the areas where necessary.

I probably have an entire soundtrack for my life, but my theme song is: “Foxy Lady,” by Jimi Hendrix…some how this song gives me the momentum I need, whether working through some mundane task, propelling through a workout, or getting geared up for time with friends, I do so with undying confidence and a stylish sultry saunter that sometimes can even make me blush.

So, what is your theme song?