Stranger in a Family

22 Aug

It’s a shame to wake up and realize that you are in a family where very few actually “know” you. You know, the true you? Not just what they want to believe about you or who they want you to be. I’ve realized lately that a lot of us take for granted that we are in families with actual individuals, that even though you may share the same bloodline or genetic predisposition or last name that you in fact are unique personalities that if left up to chance, can be misunderstood.

I find myself here a lot lately and as much as I want to blame those in my family, I also have dropped the ball, assuming that they will share with me all that I need to know. The truth is they don’t. But neither do I. I am waiting for them to seek and find, afraid of doing the opposite and being labeled a spotlight hound. We all need to take a more active role in our families, me included; if I want to be loved and appreciated for who I truly am, that is…


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