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Birthday Gifts?!

31 May

Life happens whether we get with the program or not. Regardless of that little tidbit of information, the effects of aging on a young person’s life can be a bit daunting at times.

As I’m brushing the last few swipes of bronzer on my cheeks, I lean forward to get a closer look and WTH? A gray hair at the top of my head! Now I have had a few for sometime, but I was okay with those little trespassers because I couldn’t see them, but now I had a pesky, refusing to go-with-the-grain silver invader waving at everyone from its birds-eye view from the crown of my head.

I was instantly disappointed, but not because of only that gray hair, but all of the new gifts I have received with each passing year: the nagging pounds in places I can’t even target (because hell how do you lose weight where your armpit and your back meet), the achy ankles and knees after I attempt to do something about the pounds, the hormonal fluxes that have me running for the benzoyl peroxide treatment to stave off acne, the sunburn that I am almost guaranteed if I remain outside in over 80 degree heat for any time over an hour and lets not start on the general intolerance for heat. The fact that when I miss sleep, I feel crazy and the admission that some of my once favorite foods, not just don’t agree with me (umm, I didn’t know I had to make an agreement with food beyond its agreeing to lay on the plate and my agreement to eat it)!

My head started to spin with all this new-ness which is overwhelming to say the least for a woman who is already tentative about aging in the first place. I wanted to whine, almost wanted to cry. But before I let myself go down the path of an emotional breakdown over the physical letdowns, I took a breath and said to myself, Well Girl at least you have hair!  Followed almost immediately by the thought  And at least you have the right mind and resources to be able to rectify some of these challenges. I stepped away from the sink, grabbed my cellphone and called the person who was most equipped to handle my tango with anxiety…my hair stylist! A gray hair was nothing that some cellophane (temp. hair color) couldn’t fix. And although I was starting to accept these gifts from birthdays of the past, I didn’t necessarily have to look at them everyday!