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“Sexy Ladies”

22 Jun
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What have I learned in my 31 years? That being sexy isn’t something you try to do or be, you just are, and most of the time it has absolutely nothing to do with sex (Now spread that to all the youngsters trying their damnedest to be sexy in ankle breaking stilettos at the mall).

Confidence gives birth to sexy-ness. Your unwillingness to compromise in a world where everyone is trying to fit in. Its defining your own style (beyond fashion) and in doing so being unafraid to stand apart from the rest. Its empowering to feel comfortable in your own skin. To say, do, and be exactly how you feel at the moment, unabashedly.

To wear red lipstick in the afternoon because you just want to. To wear jeans when everyone else is wearing a dress. To voice your opinion in a matter of fact way because you actually have one. To be unafraid to break a sweat. To proudly declare that you watch Glee on Tuesdays and Entourage on Sundays. To enjoy nights in Black cocktail dresses at the opera and nights in sweats watching the NBA . That you listen to The Smiths, The Dream, and The Roots. To rock straight hair one day and a mohawk the next. To devour sushi and chili dogs without discrimination. To defy the box and stare labels in the eye unapologetically. That is sexy.  It’s a way of being that you exude and gives off the aura that attracts others to you. It may be that a “freakum” dress has influence on that confidence but rest assured,  sexy-ness has very little to do with the wrapping paper and everything to do with what lies beneath.