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Mister Transparent

20 Jun

Dear Mr. Transparent,

You were a surprise! All of the dating books say that women have an issue of disclosing too much on a first date, but I think that they forgot you as an exception when writing that chapter. Now before you get things twisted, thank you so much for your transparency and blatant honesty because you saved the both of us a lot of time and possible heartache, but here’s a tip: if you expose all of the cards in your hand, you most definitely lose the game.

I could accept what you did for a living, (helping those in needs always gets you a bonus) and even your dry humor. And the flattery? I mean what woman doesn’t love that?! However after declaring that “all men cheat” right after responding that you don’t think of marriage or children as an option to your future, you certainly earned your place in the foolish hall of fame (And you wonder why you only attract a certain “type” of woman). Wise ones says that when someone shows you who they are, believe them. So I am going to take all that you say at face value and once again express my gratitude for your transparency, because your words gave me assurance of one thing, that giving you anymore of my time would be a waste, and for you, myself I would definitely not disgrace.


Grateful Goddess