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The Importance of Personal Style

27 Aug

Image by Mageca via Flickr

As I poured over the pages of the coveted September issue of Vogue (aptly deemed the fashion bible), it dawned on me how much we are bombarded with advertising that tells us how we should look (why must you choose either a strong eye or lip in makeup application?!). But truthfully (partly due to the ever-changing trends in women’s fashion), it is important to at some point in time in your life, define your personal sense of style. One that depicts how you want to be seen in the world, not to simply duplicate what you have been told to look like but what you desire and feel comfortable looking like. When you embody your style, you own it, believe in it, defend it without saying anything. You actually get the attention without asking for it. Sometimes you want to fit in where other times you shun it. At times you may have to feign confidence until you actually attain in, but either way you are being true to you.

I do grow weary of the industry telling me I should want to look like a 16-year-old girl when I have a woman’s body, but some of the stuff is cute, I must admit. I like kitschy prints sometimes and colored jeans (although this a warmed over trend from my 9th grade year). I also love glitter nail polish, while some decry it as being age inappropriate for us 30-something gals. And with all the celebrities donning them as they walk the busy avenues and sit in VIP, I love the way stilettos look, but I’m gonna be honest, most times those b***hes hurt like hell. If I do risk wearing a pair, believe that I have a pair of sandals or ballet flats near by because that’s me; comfort trumps trend . There is nothing cute about limping around in your 5 inches or blisters on your feet and my personal style won’t even allow me to fake that!